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The beginnings of our patent law firm date back to the 1950s. The office is managed by the patent attorneys Thomas Liebl, Walter Bierschneider and Marco Massinger, supported by a qualified and experienced team of specialists.

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Monika Schönacher

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
European Patent Attorney

Studied civil engineering at the
University of Applied Sciences Regensburg
Stay abroad in Great Britain
(University of Edinburgh)

Joined the firm in 2014

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Verena Zippold

Patent Paralegal

Responsible for registration,
International / national processing & annual fee monitoring

Joined the firm in 1999

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Anja Girzig


Many years of experience in the patent field,
responsible for the area of client/inventor correspondence & creation of patent illustrations

Joined the firm in 2008

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Melanie Bachl

Patent Paralegal

Responsible for patent illustrations/monitoring,
national / international processing & deadline management

Joined the firm in 2011

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Tanja Schneider

Foreign language correspondent for office communication

Many years of experience in the patent area, responsible for deadline management, national / international processing & EDP

Joined the firm in 2012

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Manuela Fischer

Patent Paralegal

Responsible for formal processing

Joined the firm in 1993

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